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Insects bug and interface bug.

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1. Sometimes insects for example bees when they want to run away arrows pierce them and don't do any DMG.

2. In open interface sometimes doesn't work keys like esc

3. Scroll doesn't work and doen't swap items in game


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I have had the bugs act like the have the aphid ai loaded.  Annoying but comical chasing a Wolfie across the map who can't take arrow dam and runs from your club.  Bombardier beetles and stinkbugs do this as well. Personally never seen a bee do it as I actively avoid harming them (too cute makes my kids cry if they see it)

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I don’t think it is a bug, I seen it too but if I remember correctly it is trying to get other bugs to join the battle. It is annoying though, I couldn’t even hit a Bombardier Beetle with a club until my friend got into range; I followed it into the Hedge, right on its tail all the way, until I was finally able to hit it; so that part is a bug, disappearing hit box. I also ran into number 2, don’t know about number 3.

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