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I'm thinking about offering a 111$ Deadfire community playthrough challenge here and I have some questions.

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1) Is this against the rules here in any way? I can't see how it could be, but this needs to be clear before anything else.

2) If I do this, is there no other way to make sure no one cheats - than have them stream and upload, or record the playthrough for download? I'm willing to watch through them to make sure no one cheated, it just means there would have to be a maximum limit to the contestants.

3) I need to get a feel for how many would be interested. So please let me know if you are interested in doing a deadfire playthrough with 1 week time limit (IRL) from tomorrow, with the rules I set for the contest.

4) Any suggestions that could help make the contest more fair in a way that does not give hardcore Deadfire players an advantage which makes it impossible for other players to even stand a chance? Some of the current rules I've decided on if it happens, is a ban on blood mage (subclass only) and Chanter (whole class). As well as a ban on charm spells, summon creature spells (but not weapons) and using exploits. Veteran is the planned difficulty. That's just the core rules, the actual challenge that would make it unique I'm not sharing yet.  


If enough people are interested - I'll announce it in a day or two, 1 week duration. If no one is interested... well - I'll save 111$ at least! 😛  


Edit: I'm naturally not allowed to participate myself

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You should make a clear list with the exploits you don't want to see because there's no general consensus here...😉 What about using Salvation of Time/Wall of Draining to extend powerful buffs forever or using infinite DOTs to kill enemies while staying out of sight?

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48 minutes ago, thelee said:

What would the general contours of the challenge be? I'm interested, but between kids and work I am not exactly swimming in free time.

I don't know how appealing it will be to people but I'll share it. 

The main premise of what I want the challenge to be, is rooted in the complaints I've read about the ranger animal companions. I thought it would be fun, to provide a challenge where the contestants need to treat 2-3 animal companions as their main characters. This means 2-3 rangers and 2-3 animal companions. Points gotten additively for content done, and a multiplier to the additive score is added to the contestant's final score. More to the one that has the LEAST combined party damage done.  

 In other words. Your character and your party members are free to deal as much damage as you want. But you'd want your team to tank, CC, debuff and heal. And BUFF your animal companions into "raid boss modus" sort of. As if your ranger companion animals are the main characters. The idea is for the contestants to attempt and do the max amount of content they can, but with the goal of having their total party damage be as low as possible. So that the focus on buffing your animal companions to god status gives you the highest chance to win.  

If there are any faults to the premise of the challenge please share. Since the community here isn't that active anymore. I'd rather decided that the challenge starts the 26th, and lasts 1 week from that date. 4 people accepting the challenge or it's canceled. 8 people max.  


@Kaylon I was hoping that @Boeroer could help me decide on what's allowed and not in terms of exploits and such if this happens. If he is willing to help on giving me info on that. I want the challenge to be fair. So that exploits and cheesing can not give a player with insane meta knowledge an unfair advantage.

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3 hours ago, Boeroer said:

Sorry, I'd rather not be involved in any challenges. 🙂 

Doesn't seem like it will happen anyway, there's like zero interest 😛 Maybe it's the having to record it or stream it that does it. I know that this was the big "Ugh... " for me when I was wondering participating in something similar with Fallout 2 a long time ago. 

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