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Tekehu: Watershaper vs Stormspeaker vs Theurge? Also Bloom Mage constitution?

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3 hours ago, SirMirrorcoat said:

Isnt Tekehu locked out of Greater Maelstrom anyway?

I think he must be, since it is fire keyworded. All the more reason to go with Theurge then, since Greater Maelstrom is the main reason for going with SC druid I think.

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I used him as a healing / support bot in my first completed playthrough. Theurge. Healing chants, and he gets more than sufficient healing skills pretty early anyway. But IIRC I did somewhat regret it because his unique skillset seemed more offensively oriented.

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2 hours ago, SirMirrorcoat said:

I will restart again because I don't like Wizard enough xD

Hopefully doubling up on Druids proves more fun... 

Ah yes reroll indecisiveness hell. Been there bro ;) When I started playing Deadfire I rerolled so many characters I had to force myself to pick one if I was to complete it before being burnt out.

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