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Something I didn't think much about... every choice is permanent in TC lol. I just ****ed up a quest and I have to live with the consequences.

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The satchel quest from the bathhouse. I thought I failed it in my initial playthrough because when he got discovered he ran away. She asked me why I didn't catch him, so I thought this quest was intended by catching him. So this time I surrounded him on all sides, and when he ran, I could click him when he tried to run by one of my companions. But there was no dialogue or him stopping...

... so I thought I was supposed to hurt him to make him stop running. But that turned him AND the other lady both hostile. So I had to murder them in the street. The quest woman got critted so hard it was raining chunks of bloody flesh. Then it dawned on me, stupid as I am apparently. It's not only that death is permanent when trying to do triple crown. I can't believe I'm this slow in the head, but EVERYTHING YOU DO is permanent! Every choice and its consequences, even non-death ones, if I mess them up. I can't fix it lol.  


Triple Crown is already a real thrill! But damn... **** just got real when the flying bloody remains of the quest giver rained down from the sky and I realized... I can't fix this. 

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