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 Thematically speaking, Conquest should be ranged and ideally use a bow.


Death - could be IMO either SC Priest of Berath or a Berserker/Beckoner kind of Necromancer - summoning and maybe killing dozens of Skeletons.

Famine - is definitely a Decay-focused druid (Ancient probably), I'd say multi with Helwalker.

War - I'd actually do a Shifter/Devoted or Priest of Berath/Devoted - for Firebrand or Berath's 2Hander.

Conquest - I can see a ranged Blood Mage (Caedbald Blackbow!).

PS: I should know, I live 10mn away from the Tapestry of the Apocalypse! :) 

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I forgot about Conquest was a ranged. Interesting idea a Bloodmage using warbow.

Famine will be Ascetic, this is the easiest.

To War I thought about Devoted/Fury, I think fire spells fits really good. Or maybe Magran, but without using the spiritual weapons.

And now Death. Make him a kind of Necromancer looks good, but at the same time I think that he needs to be someone with high damage capacity and survivability, after all he is the personification of Death. Still thinking about it


edit: War could be Unbroken/Bleak Walker too. Because I need a good tank, and I think this one can do a good damage too

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I think that Is finally decided:

Famine - Shifter/Helwalker Ranged dots and debuffs

War - Unbroken/Magran Tank and support (I choose unbroken because I think that the personification of War can’t be limited to only one type of weapon)

Death - Bleak Walker/Troubador off tank and support

Conquest - Blood Mage ranged dps and CC (considering MC with ascendant or psion, but the I will lose the Blackbow)

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