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Hello everyone!

I (41) play grounded with my kids (8, 10) and we absolutely love adventuring. I purchased the game on my PC just so I can play with them (both on xbox). I totally understand this game is a work in progress and the sky's the limit as to what could be added to it. I just wanted to share our experience and possible suggestions from all three of us, to the Obsidian/Grounded team. Really hope this post is seen by the team and I welcome any form of constructive discussion. Thank you!


1. Both kids are having and issue on an OG Xbox One and Xbox One X with getting "glitched" and not being able to move when standing on grass boards. We've had to reduce three bases to just one as I think many of these grass boards laying around causes an issue with slowing down the game and eventually freezing both my kids out of it on console. We've had to revert to an old save game in order for this not to happen. I'm not having these issues using a PC (Win10). 


From Boy 8 years old

1. He'd really like to see more additions of animals such as: Frogs, snakes, snails/slugs, praying mantis, earth worms. 

2. A lot more weapons/armor including being able to upgrading or improving them.

3. Expansion to the world, make it much larger, more areas to explore. 

4. Vehicles (not sure how this would be implemented, but I'm just the messenger). Mainly flying aspect or boating on the pond.

5. More variety in missions. Because "Daddy, we have to kill 5 bees AGAIN?" is what I keep hearing (lol)


From Girl 10 years old

1. More crafting, building, especially farming options. 

2. Ability to do more with pet(s), such as taking them along on missions, maybe using them as a "loot mule" (her words, not mine). 

3. Being able to customize her own character, appearance, clothing etc. 


From Dad 41 years old

1. Much larger world to explore

2. More RPG elements of upgrading your character, being able to gain experience and unlocking ability/skill points etc. 

3. Being able to improve armor or having a matching set bonus.

4. Maybe encountering some NPC's? Aside from BURGL


Overall, just wanted to say we love the game, spent countless hours on it and we can't wait for the next update (they make me check almost every other day for news on this). Thank you, as a Dad, for giving me the opportunity to bond with my kids. Sincerely, 



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Hey Lou, loved that you divided the suggestions by "authors", interesting the see what young girls and boys crave for. 👍

Must be an entirely different experience to play with kids, when I reviewed Grounded (one year ago), one thing I wrote was: "The game appeals to different generations, parents that grew-up watching 'Honey I Shrunk the Kids' can easily connect with their kids that love building things".

It is cool to see it happening. Happy gaming to your family! 




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Content Creator for Grounded at Youtube and Grounded Dossier  

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