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16 minutes ago, ArnoldRimmer said:

I'm playing a beckoner for the first time and it is really annoying to have to manually use their special attacks, is there any way to get them to use them automatically?

not that i've been able to figure out, unfortunately. it's a shame, because especially the knockdown ability is absolutely game-changing to be able to spam.


i ended up getting a gamer keyboard (not strictly for deadfire, it was when pandemic WFH began and i was spending a lot more time at home) where I made a macro that could spam a hotkey over and over, and I just quick-hotkey knockdown (or any other weapon ability) and use the macro. works well enough, but obviously is a financial investment.

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I killed Belranga with Ancient Weapons alone a few days ago (stealthed Troubadour) and did the same: chaining commands with shift. Takes some time and is not as convenient as AI but better than omitting the ability uses at all. 

Deadfire Community Patch: Nexus Mods

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