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Hey everybody been having fun playing various melee caster builds I decided on trying a potd solo run with a liberator, and I'm stuck on which version I should go with (kind wayfarer/fury or shifter), or (steel garrote/fury or shifter) and whether or not to use magran favor+sun &moon or darryns voulge as 2h for this run, would really appreciate the advice and help thx 😀

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For Kind wayfarer/fury or shifter, I'd recommend the two weapon route, since Kind Wayfarer's FoD give you twice the healing when you dual wield. But if you decide to go with the Voulge, I'd recommend steel garrote/fury, focusing on lightning spells (for the stun), and hence the steel garrote passive healing when you hit them when they're stunned. This would be great on the lower difficulties, but if you play on PotD you'll really want to max PER for the crits (to proc static charge), since neither paladin or druid have good ways to boost accuracy. But what you can do is build up static charge stacks with regular attacks, and then proc it with FoD, for which you'll get bonus accuracy (+10, plus scaling with PLs), and another +10 if you wear the ring of focused flame, which you'll definitely want to do.

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