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Biomes and Creatures

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Ive been racking my brain to come up with this hefty list of ideas that I’d love to see in the game at some point

P.S. Im sure a lot of this stuffs been suggested already


• Air Conditioner - An industrial area filled with hazards such as loose wiring and coolant leaks, could be a start to simple electrical builds for your base

• Blanket - An infested blanket near the side of the house that acts as a hive for bed bugs. Has maze like tunnels dug into it and adds Cotten or fabric as a new material  that can be used to make flags

• Cooler - An option for a snowy biome, the cooler would give you access to frozen food and chunks of ice which could make a primitive fridge to store and preserve meat. Could also help introduce temperature as a game mechanic as well as winter clothing made of fur or fuzz

• Dirt/Mud Pit - A dry empty pit of dirt with some tunnels In and around it. Turns into a muddy swamp when it rains (hint hint) that makes it hard to move through and adds quicksand-like holes of mud which you’d need to craft stilts or maybe “mud” shoes to get across safely

• Drain Gutter - I’ll be honest don’t really have any ideas for this one other than I think it’d be a cool area too explore

• Fire Pit - A barren ashy area that adds some new items like marshmallows,  chicken bones (Bone Armor, bone sword), charcoal which could make black dye and lighter fluid (used to make flaming arrows and maybe even a miniature flamethrower)

• Flower Garden - A large flower garden that acts as a dense jungle, has many types of exotic flowers and plants in it that can be used for different purposes (food, floral extracts for various uses, dyes, spores and seeds etc.) also has Venus flytraps that snap at you if you get too close

• Log Pile - A pile of logs which leads into a maze of trenches filled with insects and other dangers. This area adds moss as a material that can be made into a moss rug

• Oak Tree - My idea is to make bark beetle tunnels that move throughout the whole tree that lead to different spots such as out onto the branches, a chipmunk den and a birds nest

• Plant Pot - Instead of adding a big vegetable garden (like I was gonna put on this list) why not have some pots on the porch or somewhere in the yard that have stuff like tomatoes or cucumbers growing in them

• Rock Pile - Not sure what purpose this would have being in a backyard but a rocky kind of area to function as a mountain biome, could have multiple caves and introduce new types of stones for use in building (Could also be a reason for a forge to be added). Another idea is to add small chunks of amethyst or quartz which could be used to make weapons or decorations

• Shed - The inside area of the shed, has a table that requires some platforming to get on top of. Has some valuable items to collect for crafting (admittedly can’t think of any) also has mouse traps set up inside (some of them are unavoidable if you want to progress)

• Trash Can - Two trash cans one standing and one knocked over, the standing trash can would have a small hole in the side that gives access to the dark interior which is a dangerous labyrinth of trash and scavengers. The knocked over trash I imagine would look like a scrapyard of garbage with various insects and other animals roaming around. This area has all sorts of goods to scavenge like glass shards (spyglass potential), old food and other valuable crafting materials, plus it could help to explain why there’s so much garbage lying around the yard

• Underneath - The area under the porch, almost completely dark except for some glowing mushrooms and rays of light shining through the boards. This biome acts as a massive dark dungeon with lots of paths, tunnels and somewhat open areas

• Waterfall - A fake waterfall beside the pond with a hidden entrance behind it that could lead to a new lab or a cache of loot


• Antlions - Form pitfall traps in the sandbox, when killed drops antlion mandibles, and antlion venom (can be made into paralyzing arrows)

• Armyworms - Aggressive spiny worms found in the oak tree, hedge and log pile

• Assassin Bug - Potential boss for the flower garden drops a large proboscis and parts for armor

• Bagworm - Found all over the yard hanging from things, different variations depending on the environment with there shells being made of all kinds of materials that can either be harvested or used as decoration

• Bark Beetle - Found throughout the tunnels in the oak tree passive until attacked

• Bat - Found flying around at night

• Bed Bug - Found in the blanket dungeon in large numbers, extremely territorial and aggressive

• Black Ants - Have a sort of war going on with the red ants and will attack them and there nest periodically (and vice versa)

• Black Widow - Possible boss for the shed drops potent venom, fangs and bug parts used for armor

• Butterflies - Found flying all over the yard typically near flowers, butterfly wings can be used to make gliders

• Camel Spider - Found in the sandbox, hidden under rocks or in shady areas, there aggressive and drop large fangs and fuzz

• Caterpillar - Found all over the yard eating leafs and plants, can be killed for meat and silk

• Centipede - Boss for the log pile, drops mandibles, venom and parts

• Chinch Bug - Small bugs found attached to grass pieces can be killed for meat

• Chipmunk - Small mini boss found in a hollowed hole in the oak tree, can’t be killed but can be stunned and hurt, drops fur tufts if attacked enough but the main goal is to sneak by it to obtain a cache of loot it’s guarding

• Cicada - Found buried in certain areas in the yard, once a week will emerge from its spot and move around. If you get too close it’ll start making a loud buzzing sound that disorients your vision and makes you wobbly. Drops parts that can be used to make a tool that causes disorientation in other insects, need moss earplugs to negate the effect

• Cocoons - Found hanging in the hedge and flower garden, can be harvested for silk

• Crayfish - Found in small caves on the side of the pond if you get too close it’ll spring out and grab you pulling you inside the cave, drops crayfish claws and meat

• Cucumber Beetle - Found in the plant pots they cause the crops to wilt if too many gather on one, kill them to prevent the crops from dying

• Daddy Longlegs - Passive bugs found around the yard

• Dragonfly/Nymph - Dragonfly’s are found flying all over the yard and there nymphs can be found in the pond attached to reeds, when killed drops wings and eye lens (used to make flying goggles) nymphs drop meat. Dragonfly’s will relentlessly attack any mosquitoes they come across

• Dung Beetle - Found in hollowed out pieces of crap passive unless attacked, can steal the “crap balls” that they roll and use them as fertilizer for a garden

• Earth Worm - Only appears in the dirt/mud pit when it rains can be killed for meat and used to craft bait for use with the mole

• Earwig - Found in the trash cans, underneath, log pile and hedge drops pincers

• Fleas - Possible use as an event, the family dog runs into the yard and starts shaking releasing a whole bunch of aggressive fleas that’ll swarm you

• Frog - Rare visitor to the pond can be killed and drops mucous, frog skin and webbed feet for use as a speedy dive suit

• Garter Snake - Eggs can be found in the underneath and hedge if attacked they’ll hatch, drops snake skin and egg shells

• Grasshopper - Found in dry areas drops meat when killed

• Hornet - More aggressive than wasps and found in an underground hive

• Horse/Fruit/House Flies - Found all over the yard Horse flies are aggressive and will attack on sight, fruit flies can be found eating discarded pieces of fruit near the trash can and are passive and house flies are also found near the trash can rummaging around. All three drop fuzz

• Hummingbird - Small birds found near the flower garden eating nectar, can be befriended (not tamed) which allows for use as a mount, however if the hummingbird is attacked mid air it won’t hesitate to buck you off to save itself. Can use nectar to craft a makeshift hummingbird feeder that attracts them to your base for easy “befriending”

• Inchworm - Found around plants used for meat

• Jewel Bug - Found in the flower garden they come in different coloured variants, will steal shiny objects they come across and horde them, drops parts that can be made into various decorations and even shields

• Jumping Spider - Found in the sandbox, these spiders are neutral and inquisitive sometimes following you around if there attention is caught, even stealing objects the player drops

• Leafbug - Large bugs found in the flower garden and hedge biomes there passive and will stand completely still to camouflage against predators

• Longhorn Beetle - Found in the hedge and oak tree, aggressive beetles that drop parts

• Maggots - Found on pieces of meat in the trash can and can be killed for meat and goop but even cooked there’s a chance of getting status effects from eating it

• Mayflies - Found near the pond as larva during a special event they’ll become adults and can be found everywhere in the yard

• Milkweed Bug - Found feeding on milkweed plants, drops parts that can be used to extract a toxic chemical for use with weapons

• Millipede - Found in damp areas drops parts

• Mole - Found in a labyrinth maze of tunnels underneath the dirt pit, if it smells (can’t see) and notices you it’ll chase you down this can be prevented using earthworm bait to distract it or a cover scent made from certain flowers, the cover scent won’t work if you get too close. The mole can’t be killed making it another animal that requires stealth to get past. Guards a cache of resources

• ”Mothra” - A hidden abnormally large moth boss found only at night in a remote location (I’ve got no idea where) has the ability to hypnotize you with a special powder, when killed drops hypnosis spores used to make special smoke bombs that cause the same effect

• Moths - Found around light sources at night and attached to the oak tree during the day, can be killed for powder used to make smoke bombs

• Mouse - Found in the shed and can be killed for meat, teeth and fur, teeth can be turned into a shovel or some other kind of tool also runs into mouse traps set up inside the shed

• Orchid Mantis - Found in the flower garden they’ll camouflage next to flowers and sneak attack you if you get too close

• Praying Mantis - Found in the hedge as a potential boss drops parts and forearm claws used to make swords and armor

• Queen Bee - With the bee hive being added to the game it’s only a matter of time before a Queen gets added too

• Raccoon - A rare visitor to the knocked over trash can, will start attacking you if seen, only way to survive is to hide 

• Rhino Beetle - A living tank found around the yard mainly the hedge, oak tree and near the log pile, beetles are neutral and defend themselves by charging. Beetle parts can be made into strong armor and a “rhino” shield that can stun enemy’s if hit

• Roach - Roaches are found in and near the trash cans as well as the underneath, shed and haze. Drops parts that can be made into roach armor

• Salamander - Final boss of the game found in the deepest part of the underneath, can’t be killed but when enough damage is done will be driven off giving access to a loot cache filled with valuables, also drops mucous

• Scorpion - Boss for the sandbox, found inside a tunnel in the middle of a sand castle. Drops a stinger, claws and bug parts that can be made into weapons (Scorpion Gauntlets, Stinger Spear) and armor

• Scorpion Fly - Semi aggressive flies that attack if you get too close despite the name they have no venom

• Scale Bug - Found all over the yard attached to plants, can be farmed for honeydew

• Silverfish - Found in damp places like the underneath, trash can and log pile. Appear in large numbers and drop meat

• Skink or Gecko - Never actually seen but implied to visit the yard from time to time, on random days a shed lizard skin can be found in a few key places in the yard that can be harvested for scales to make lizard armor

• Slugs and Snails - Found around the yard mainly in moist areas like the log pile, flower garden and underneath, both drop mucous that can be made into glue for advanced builds and the snails shell can be made into decorations as well as snail shell armour

• Sparrow or Robin - Can be found on a nest high up in the oak tree, periodically leaves giving free access to the contents of the nest (random objects, egg shells, dry grass chunks) also can’t be killed

• Spittle Bug - Found in the flower garden will periodically create “spittle” casings which can be harvested for use in clothing insulation

• Springtail - Found in areas like the log pile, underneath, dirt pit and trash can there passive and usually appear in numbers

• Stag Beetle - Large highly aggressive beetles found in the underneath and hedge, they drop large mandibles used to make a pincer trap 

• Stick Bug - Camouflaging insects found near tree branches

• Tarantula Hawk - Extremely aggressive random encounter boss flying around the yard when killed drops venom and parts for making strong armor

• Termite - Found in the termite nest can be killed for meat, with soldiers dropping mandibles

• Thornbug - Found in the flower garden attached to various plants

• Tiger Beetle - Boss for the rock pile once it spots you there’s no escape as it’s the fastest beetle in the game, if killed drops parts that can be crafted into armour that increases running speed

• Toad - Found in the haze as a mini boss can spit acid and do a ground slam attack causing massive damage drops acidic mucous and warty skin

• Trapdoor Spider - Small section of the yard is a minefield filled with these spiders burrows, if you get to close one will spring out and attack, if killed gives you access to the loot stored inside the burrow

• Waterbug - Mini boss for the pond drops a proboscis that can be made into a sword, when attacking with said sword deals increased damage due to the liquefaction bonus of the venom

• Woodlouse - Found in areas such as the underneath and log pile, passive crustaceans that drop meat and parts for low level armor

Other Items

• Clay pots

• Chandeliers

• Ladders (Stem, Rope)

• Gas, net, snare and flame traps

• Tripwire alarm

• Nets

• Dye

• Bridges

• Raft

• Bola

• Sleeping Bag (Portable lean-to)

• Bombardier armor (Acid resistance)

• Shelves (item display)

• Acid bomb

• Bug repellant

• Backpack

• Benches

• Compass

I love grounded and I hope that some of these ideas will make it into the game in one way or another keep up the good work the games amazing

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Wow!  Tons of amazing ideas here.  Love the thought you put into all of them.   The blanket with bedbugs had me squirming right at the beginning lol.   Would be an area I would not explore.  
sure hope they see your ideas.  

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  • 3 months later...

The only nitpik I have with your list is the sizing.  A log pile could have a whole dungeon in the tunnels insects like borers leave behind. Restricting it to the furrows between the lumber stacks seems a unnecessary limitation. The same size limitation is in some the others.   We are tiny the flowerbed is already in game with mulch and the hostas where the plants are spread out and the hedge is being treated more to the jungle though lacking in exploration of the biome and focusing on a lab.

Everything though over all is great and I would like it though you might wanna replace the cooler with a minfridge or a deep freezer

If you see light at the end of the tunnel get out of the road!

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To be fair he did post this back in July. Also mantids, butterflies, moths and grasshoppers are gonna keep trickling in. That's a good thing as it let's the devs know hey we really want these items/mobs. 

If you see light at the end of the tunnel get out of the road!

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On 11/5/2021 at 10:25 PM, Reina said:

I literally already listed Butterfly's and Praying Mantis in mine weeks ago. Yet everyone acts like it's a new concept. lol

I posted this months ago and other people have already posted those same ideas long before me so don’t act like your the first person to come up with the praying mantis and butterfly

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On 11/6/2021 at 2:28 AM, Johnny Wirick said:

lol we already have those. what do you think we carry our stuff in? it's what you drop when you die. i know this post is from july, but i'm pretty sure we had backpacks back then.

Ya that was just a last minute throw in idea I completely forgot we always had a backpack on us lol

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