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Bring back the old pebblet graphic texture

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With the new update, there are new things, and the only one I see a problem with is the pebblet foundation.

the only thing I dislike is the change of graphic textures of pebblet foundation and clay foundation. bring back the old pebblet foundation texture!

The previous texture made it possible to "pave" certain areas and gave a pretty nicer look. With the new texture, it gives an effect that the surface is not completely flat, and is a bit distracting and weird.

bring back the old pebblet foundation texture
bring back the old pebblet foundation texture
bring back the old pebblet foundation texture

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Posted (edited)

Yes.....I agree with you wholeheartedly! Both have a somewhat jarring, unnatural look to them. And completely out of proportion to the rest of the environment. The clay foundation appears flatter, which I am slowly beginning to appreciate. But the slick, smooth surface lacks texture and definition, appearing more like a slab of wet bubble gum than dry, hardened clay. And the size is huge. As for the pebblet foundation, the texture is still true to the original, but again, overly large and out of proportion with the actual size of a normal pebblet.  Just drop a pebblet on the new foundation and you will realize why the new change is uncomfortable and strange. 


Suggestions:  Keep the flat clay surface, but add more natural texture and definition. Break up the slab into smaller section or layers, especially on the sides. They can be irregular and interesting, but not one, flat chunk.  Return the old pebblet foundation. It was perfect just the way it was. (It wasn't broken, so no need to fix it.) :) 


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