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Possible adds Katana/Raft

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I feel like we need some sort of a water craft like a canoe or a raft that we can use to transport recourses across the koi pond and such instead of having to use them to build a bridge first. Also can we have some kind of katana added? I noticed some of the armor has a distinct Japanese feel and I would love to complete that with a katana in hand! Katana could be made out of like bone with a mite fuzz/plant fiber wrapped handle and use an acorn piece for the guard. What do you all think?

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I think a katana would be awesome! Also, with the latest update they allowed weed stems to float again, so it wouldn't be hard for them to introduce a weed stem raft. It would essentially be the same thing as the weed stem floor, only they would have to change the collisions to allow for the raft version to be built on water. 

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Every time I walk by a leaf that looks like a canoe (the ones near the bird bath) I've wished we would harvest them, drop them in the pond and sail away. All you would need to craft is a paddle (boatman flippers?). Maybe craft a sail for an upgrade version. Rafts would be fun as well. :) 

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