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6 hours ago, Waski said:

but if you rest during run you can have 14+7(empower)+2(sacrifice from marux amanth)+15(85 sec of brilliant from wit of death herald) = 38 guile, thats over 2 minutes of invis, assassin can do alot of dmg during that time, especially with max arcana/scrolls on some harder, non resetable encounters

That's true and that's a lot of Guile, but with max Arcana a No-Rest Assassin can also wreck those harder, no-reset encounters ;). Which is also true for many other non-renewable resources classes IMO.

On No-Rest runs though I do like to use an Empower point here and there to renew Guile for very specific fights (e.g. Auranic, the Oracle fight in FS, maybe one fight in SSS, still leaves one point to spare).

Actually I think that you could potentially stretch 36 points of Guile (12 x 3 Guile for Vanishing Strike) with a VS duration-maximizing build to almost 3 minutes of invis. I'm counting 36 because you'd wear Cabalist Gambeson, not DoC.

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