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TLDR:  What build would YOU use to bring the best out of the Scordeo's Edge & Scordeo's Trophy set?

The Scordeo set - pistol and saber - are pretty well known entities at this point.

Separately, each offers a bunch of attractive use cases across a range of builds. But of course, some folks are still eager to put them to use as a set: shooting and slashing their way through hordes of enemies is unsurprisingly a pretty popular pirate-y fantasy!

There have been a bunch of threads across these forums along the lines of "Is this viable" - to which the answer is frequently "Sort of. But we wouldn't really recommend it." Which is a fair assessment. It's certainly not an optimal way of playing, and comes with its own fair share of jank.

But as this item set in particular seems to really capture the imagination, I wonder: What build would you use to bring the best out of Scordeo's Edge & Scordeo's Trophy?

Do you optimise to squeeze every last bit of juice out of the combo? Do you combine classes to offset the weaknesses of the set? Do you go for subclasses combos that can uniquely benefit from ready access to ranged and melee damage. Optimisation or Playstyle?

For example: I feel something like a Seer could put these to good use.

  • Constant source of auto-attack focus regen no matter where you are on the battlefield
  • Equipped to unload Soul Annihilations at will
  • Good mobility to help get in and out of melee as required
  • All the usual handy pet shenanigans you enjoy as a Seer

I'm excited to see if there are some creative combos that can really make the best of this admittedly sub-optimal playstyle. I figure there has to be at least one blend of class features and actions that actually lends itself to a very fun use case for these items that so many seem so eager to put to use.

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I agree that a cipher MC is probably the way to go with such a weapon set. Seer might be ideal, as you indicate. Another possibility that comes to mind is a forbidden fist/soul blade transcendent, which is currently one of my favorite MC builds. You could start with a volley or two with the pistol, with strategic blitz upgrade to boost your melee recovery time. When you close in melee, you could alternate FF attacks, SA attacks, and autoattacks with the sabre to boost accuracy. And any procs of blade cascade would be icing on the cake! Of course, by the time you get the sabre you'll most likely get the Seeker's Fang as well, which would compete with this setup.

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  • Jrllo changed the title to Scordeo Set - How would you build for it?

Maybe SC Ranger with Whirling Strikes, since you can use it with Melee & Ranged pair (and the Ranged Weapon will even been able to proc Driving Flight for each initial target)

Scordeo's Edge will hit first and will build accuracy for Melee and Ranged weapons quickly with multiple hits. You will even have a decent chance to proc Blade Cascade.

Scordeo's Trophy may hit twice per initial Target due to Driving Flight. With the right upgrade, it will add -10% Recovery with melee weapon per Hit.

That means that after the initial Whirling Strikes, your attack speed and accuracy will be high even if you don't proc Blade Cascade. With Ranger perks and following Scordeo's Edge Hit, your accuracy will be even higher. This is an ideal setup for chain Interrupting on Crit from Stunning Shot. Not to mention the bleeding effect from Whirling Strikes will add up some noticeable damages.

But Scordeo's Edge and one of the Mortar might be overall better for this setup. Anyway you can still switch when facing a really dense crowd.

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Using both on a Ranger/Wizard with Wall of Draining maybe. First you fire shots into the crowds to gain the pistol's recovery bonus (which will stack without limits then) and at some point then go into high-speed melee with the sabre in the hope of triggering Blade Cascade asap (which will also never end then). 


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