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[Cheese Thread] Shadow Camembert, The Grandmaster of Exploits

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Disclaimer: This is meant to be a fun, somewhat silly post and video about what happens when you pile up the most absurdly powerful exploits on a toon and unleash them upon Upscaled PotD Megabosses. It is certainly not a build suggestion or what I advocate as a "legit" or "serious" way of playing, whatever that means :). It is simply meant to satisfy the curiosity of cheese lovers around the world about this existential question: "really how absurdly powerful can you get in Deadfire if you have no shame?". If you are a new player of Deadfire, you might want to skip that post for now, I don't want to ruin your fun.


The story of Shadow Camembert: Shadow Camembert was born and raised in rural Normandy, France so he knows a thing or two about stinky cheese. Single Class Assassin by trade, he has dedicated his whole life to finding out about the cheesiest exploits discovered by other fearless players in the Deadfire, and using them for his own deadly benefit. He knows his hobby is controversial: what is a tasty loophole to some may be an unpalatable cheat to others. Most players have their own limits in terms of lactose tolerance - but Shadow Camembert doesn't have any. It's all fair game to him as long as it can help fulfill his secret lifelong mission: to one-shot every Megaboss in a single, gruesome Rampage Tour.


What makes him so powerful?

Permanent Vanishing Strike - can never be targeted or damaged. Gives permanent Assassinate and Sneak Attack.

Permanent 110,000% Deltro's Cage Helm Lash... so, yep.

He wields Engoliero do Espirs because Blade Feast is fun, and sometimes switches to Watershaper's Focus + Blast when he doesn't want to chase stuff around.

Permanent Brilliant Inspiration from Wit of Death Herald, not that it matters.

Other permanent goodies for good measure (not all of them, they don't matter anyway).


Here is Shadow Camembert in action on his Megaboss Rampage Tour (sorry there's more loading and travelling time than actual combat :))



Conclusion: It was fun to get to record this, but for obvious reasons this is not a playthrough that I'm planning to continue :). My curiosity is satisfied, I hope this was somewhat fun to review if you are intrigued by Deadfire cheese. Now I think I'll put my Strand of Favor back in the deepest vault of Area 51 for a little while.

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1 hour ago, Kaylon said:

he struggled too much with the oozes and the obelisks

You could push the concept further indeed, for instance with Blade Cascade and combining all food bonuses together. When I got to the point of recording the video this morning, I got lazy :).

But hey, that is still all 4 Megabosses in the bag within 7 minutes of absurdity :).

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Ctrl + F -> Strand of Favor -> not surprised 😄

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32 minutes ago, Boeroer said:

I would have gone for "Shadow Cheddar" from England - but that's personal taste I guess. ;)

Shadow Camembert, Shadow Cheddar, Shadow Munster... in any case once they're warmed up, they all melt (enemies) ;).

Sorry I've had a lot of opportunities to think about cheese puns while getting this toon up to level 20! :) 

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