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I'm very impressed with grounded, it's a charming unique kind of game. I have played it quite extensively and have happened upon a number of bugs. 

1: When standing on (clover/grass/harvestable) while it's harvested will allow you to "levitate" only until you move again. 

2: If you strike a blade of grass an aphid takes refuge on *before* it reaches the final destination, it happens to glitch out, and get stuck to the grass. I've found cutting the grass down still will not cause the aphid to fall. 

3: Walking over grass planks in the world has occasionally caused my character to rubberband, however this issue has not occured again recently. 

4: When diving into the pond, I used a "bubble plant" to replinish my air in a fight for diving belle spider parts, I tried using it a second time, but I did not receive air upon contact with the bubble, as a result I died. I didn't come to the surface after the first, so I figured maybe it was a feature. 

5: It seems wolf spiders (or larger mobs in general) have a difficult time with collisions. (Getting stuck in objects in the world, or just getting caught in the ground) Wolf spiders, orb weavers, bombardier beetles and ladybugs have it the worst from my experience. I have not witnessed such a glitch from stink bugs, which is odd. 

6: I have only witnessed this bug once, an aphid climbed up a blade of grass, and proceeded to fly away. I have that one clipped. 

7: When engaging a large number of ants, not all ants aggro on the player immediately, and when they do, they switch erratically from passive to hostile. This may be a balancing feature, but I found it odd. 


1: improved locomotion for insects. It may be a risk to the balance of the game, as I find myself using the high ground to avoid more dangerous insects, it just seems right to allow insects to operate on vertical surfaces. It wouldn't need to be every surface, just relative to the size of the mob. 

2: Improved inventory UI/Stacks allow quick sort, organizes inventory and defrags at the same time. Increase stack size for some items. Larger items such as insect parts make sense to stack to 10. However, plant fibers and crude rope should be stacked double that.

3: Separate hotbar items from backpack inventory, I realize why it's both in my hotbar AND inventory, though it will make adventuring more manageable. All the clutter due to my hotbar items being strewn into my inventory makes it very easy to get lost in inventory management, taking away precious playtime. 

4: taming insects? Mountable insects?

That's all I got for now. I hope some of this was insightful, and that this helps the team out a bit. I'm very excited to see where this game goes in the future. Thanks for making a great game. Again!

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I really approve of suggestions # 1 and 2.  I think having spiders able to climb walls etc. in pursuit would be epic. HOWEVER, I feel like they should be fewer in numbers. Insect spawns overall have been increased since patch 0.9 to the point where I almost feel like the dangerous bugs are too plentiful (or they may just be increasing as my level increases). Either way, I feel like it is currently imbalanced. So if they decrease the frequency of spiders, they could compensate by making them able to climb.... I feel like that would be a more exciting experience. 

As for inventory management, I also feel that items should be autosorted within inventory for quality of life. (I get why they aren't... If everything is just thrown into a backpack, they wouldn't be autosorted, but I feel like this is an artistic decision that needs to change in honor of better gameplay. 

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