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Chromatic aberration only during Tactical Time Dilation

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How can I make this to happen? Is there a setting or a mod I could download? I don't like chromatic aberration to be on all the time, but I do want some extra effect for my extra effect.

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There is a mod on Nexus mods that will remove this. I cant state for the effectiveness as I am on Xbox. However on PC you are able to do this using the mod. You have to realize that mods while fun can possibly corrupt your game files and/ or mess up game play. I hear the mods over there are decent and have decent reviews. Its funny because its actually one of the only mods available for the game sadly. You should be able to google Nexus Mods chromatic aberration Mod or look on YouTube for The Outer Worlds top mods and you will be able to go from there.

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