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peril on Gorgon xbox1 freezes and restarts game when in building with her journal. If try to save, random movement, try to pick up journal with X =restart.  Leave and try fast travel, freeze and restart. would like my dlc $$ back.



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I can confirm that the DLC appears to be playable again after yesterday's patch. I was able to progress passed the point where I was previously crashing, and I can both manually and auto save again. I'm not sure what fixed it, since I saw nothing mentioned in the patch notes that specifically addressed this issue, but whatever it was, thank you.

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Well i started yet another save file and this time, it won't let me load the monarch wilds after completing a number of quests there previously. However the version is the epic game store version, and they are notoriously slow at uploading patches/dlc. current version:

Im getting real tired of EGS...

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