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So, lets just say changes that Deadfire bring to the table in term of world going forward are very big. Stuff that happened in first game was relatively localized, choice between what to do with souls doesn't really change anything in long run for a world and Woedica can still return(and does return in deadfire) with or without souls. However stuff that our The BFG did or didn't do in the end makes it a bit problematic to move forward in time in universe. Lets drop minor thing about deadfire status, in a hundred of years it will be easily irrelevant because everyone will speak Rauatai but Wheel stuff... If kith manage to make new wheel - that would be freaking huge, just to think how it would affect both religious and political systems in the world. No to mention what our favourite Rymrgand want us to achieve...

So when universe will move forward it would be absolutely impossible to account for all possible endings as all of them apart "don't touch wheel" are essentially apocalyptic for original world order and clearly mutually exclusive. So who think, what deadfire ending will be canonised? I feel that one considered "correct" for sequesls and supplement meterial will be keeping wheel untouched while being anarchistic. Unless there will be no "what heppen next" and universe will move backwards

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Örm wäit... there's already another game in the making that uses Eora as setting. It may be that it tells a story that is placed before the happenings in the Deadfire Archipelago - but it will still add to the (hi)story of Eora nevertheless. And given the unique IP, several novels, two finished games including 5 DLCs, one board game, a TTRPG in the maiking (last testing game session was yesterday I believe), new Microsoft money and GamePass as platform where also small title make sense... I find it very, very hard to imagine that the story of Eora will not see any further development. Not necessarily with an isometric party based RTwP RPG - but something that pushes the story further will come. 

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Yeah it doesn't look like that Obsidian or Microsoft want to drop Eora as a setting. There is a big chance for PoE to kinda follow fallout example - transfer from isometric game (PoE) into first person one (Awoved series assuming game succeed) but that's not related to setting itself

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