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Suggestions for Grounded Game

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So we have been playing grounded for about a week or so now with some of our buddies. We do have a couple suggestions that we would like to put forward:

Visual Aspects:

Adding those little ****tail umbrella's that are found in drinks that can be used similarly to the dandelion tuff. 

Changing the hotdog visual so it does not look like clay

Would love more decor options in the game for base design 

In-Game Features:

In the gas zone, it would be neat that if you took out a torch you would explode due to the gases in the air. Alternatively if you used a slime torch you would be fine though. Our friends and myself almost had a moment of panic when our buddy pulled out his torch. 

Smoothie effects from smoothie station should last longer, especially the smoothie that increases carrying capacity. Should be at least 10 minutes minimum. 


Things that we have found annoying: 

1) The bird at the birdbath: We've tried to build a base here, but the bird blocks some areas off on the second floor of our base whenever he pays us a visit. It's seriously annoying. 

2) Backpacks that cannot be reached: We have had some backpacks that have fallen into the abyss and keep falling forever 

3) Running into sprigs/grass blades: I know it is probably an aspect of the game but damn these things are annoying. Would be nice if we didn't glitch out on them sometimes. 

4) Pebble foundations are really annoying to place, we ended up switching to clay. 

5) Sometimes extremely difficult to revive someone, and it keeps cancelling the revival

6) Grubs spawning in rocks 

6) Collecting all the arrows after they are shot: sometimes you walk up to them and kick it across the map. 

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17 hours ago, Maiya said:

Changing the hotdog visual so it does not look like clay

Would love more decor options in the game for base design 

I agree with both of those. The hotdog icon is confusing, and I would like more elements for base design like pillars, maybe half stairs, planks to create shelves, other storing furniture, etc.


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