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A COOL suggestion for Grounded :


In my opinion taming would be a good thing to add to the game for solo players and coop. Like imagine having a tamed worker ant bring food, tadpole as a under water mount, or even a spider as a mount. There is SOOO much you can you can do to this game and I would love to see it! But in my opinion and companion in the game would make exploring much more fun and safe. I would love this for my solo "Whoa!" play through. It would help a lot. Like, Minecraft, Subnautica, or Minecraft.

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That would be awesome! Even just the ability to tame one companion that you could send on missions (bring food, Bring grass planks, etc.) would be super helpful and would also cut out a little bit of the lonely feeling this game sometimes brings when playing solo.
That would also open up a ton of possibility for upgrades/purchases from Burgle. 


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Yes. This probably is already planned (aphid pet and ant pheromones), but tiering up other bugs as mounts would also be awesome if they're not already planned:

- ants with saddle bags for storage and transportation

- charging lady bugs for demolition

- spiders for combat

It more than probably is part of the roadmap, as it's a very low hanging fruit idea-wise, but one of the more compelling elements of Ark online is having mounts and the pets, and I think Grounded would benefit a ton from it. Having a pet spider or a pet ant is in the same level as having a pet raptor or a pet t-rex.

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