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On 2/5/2021 at 8:02 AM, Not So Clever Hound said:

EDIT: If you go full solo, you will have to respec to meet the Religion skill check for the Bleakrock Shrine permabuff on Crookspur. Otherwise, just bring Xoti along.

Regarding the shrine buff, how do you get that without losing the other buffs from things like Hylea's Bounty, Nature's Resolve, and Adratic Glow? I'm only given the option to 'Pray and Rest', which naturally gets rid of the aforementioned buffs, but doing it the other way around (Get shrine buff, then rest with food) gets rid of the shrine buff. 

Regardless, the extra +2 resolve from the shrine doesn't seem too necessary at this point, although that might change once I get to the DLC.

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As soon as you start praying to this particular shrine, slavers will approach and threaten you. You can pass a Diplomacy 12 check to tell them that you'll just pray and leave. That way, you get the prayer bonus without the resting component that is attached to the other shrines.

+2 Resolve does not seem that huge it's true, but because high defenses have increasing returns, those +2 DEF and +4 WILL can go a long way in making you impervious to certain attacks :) . That can be the difference between getting Grazed sometimes or consistently Missed all the time by an Arcane Dampener from a pesky ancient fampyr... just saying!

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