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Ok, while I am dancing with techsupport about fixing linux version of Deadfire(map failed to load for digsite. On several different character. Even after full reinstall) few more questions:

1. Is there any specific items apart from already mentioned "Ring of focused flame" I should watch out for?

2.  What passive skills are worth to take and how much in it is worthy? For now I am planning(as well, I can't enter digsite near port Maje!) to go with Insight as by description it sound as dialog focused skill. But I have bigger bonus to religion and metaphisics so maybe they are more worthy to go with(though I think I'll focus on religion with Xoti and it look like she is giving me bonuses to it...

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So, got this guy to lvl 20, finished all bounties, all non critical path(at least I hope so) quests from factions, run around whole map and tried to start SSS but got kicked out by boars and that all brecouse for some reason Kon here is still lvl 13(!)...

Anyway here is what my guy managed to achieve for now

Funny thing, I actually found myself playing less of "giant brute with firesword" and more like main party healer. Once wheel sdtarts turning, my moonwell area becomes just insane. So quite a few fights ended while I was just healing everyone and casting some damage spells from background

Nalpazca ended up a bit more annoying then I thought as quite a few times you thrown into fight immedeatly on location enter so i have to waste time to eat whiteleaf before I can start doing anything. But yeah, when my char is high and dancing, wounds pretty much instantly goes from zero to ten... Thats kinda awesome






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