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A comment left by someone on here a while ago got me thinking: what if there were support weapons? Weapons that provide more RPG elements, a (slightly) new way to handle combat, and small buffs when used. I propose staves as a new support weapon. These 2-handed weapons would have low damage, but long reach (longer than the spear,) and pretty fast attack. Their main use, though, would be the buffs they provide. When swung, the character wielding the weapon and all other friendly characters in a certain vicinity would receive a small buff that would last about 5-10 seconds (depending on the tier), and would refresh every time it was swung. These buffs would range depending on the weapon or tier (for example, a flower staff would provide health regen, and a spider staff would provide a poison effect to all weapons/ tools.) You would be able to find the buff that the weapon provides below its damage, stun, and speed stats (like right where the spider fang dagger says +poison or whatever.) The tier off staves first would be a pebblet staff, which would be made from two pebblets, 2 sprigs, 2 dry grass chunks, and 1 sap chunk. The buff it would provide would be very small (something like +speed for about 6 seconds.) From there, the staves could really be anything. Ant staves, flower staves, spider staves, mosquito staves, bee staves, water boatman staves, maybe even mantis staves. These staves would just be really cool for people who want to play support in a group, and could even be useful in single player (imagine hitting an enemy with a staff to get a buff, and then switching over to something like a dagger to finish them off.) I just think a new staff weapon could be really great, and I would love to hear what you guys think!

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