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I think that grounded could benefit from these new creatures.


Daddy Longlegs, if Obsidian decides to do anything with the shed, daddy longlegs would be a great choice as an enemy.

Fire Ants: fire ants would attack quickly and swiftly and have the special ability to decrease your attack speed for a short duration.

Centipede:  centipedes would act as the horses of grounded, taming one will be hard, but these are quick creatures, able to get you from one point to the next in no time.

Green Anole: the Green Anole is a type of lizard found in backyards. I don't have a use for them I just think that a lizard would be cool.

Cucumber Beetle: a new type of hostile bug found in the vegetable garden.

Grasshopper: a new bug found throughout the backyard.

Bosses. I feel like the bosses should be unique and stand out from all the other enemies:

Ground Scorpion, a scorpion would be a great boss and ground scorpions are a species that can be found inside sand boxes. 

Black Widow: one of the most infamous spiders, The Black widow would reside in a log pile (or something similar) and would have extremely powerful attacks.

Praying Mantis: a praying mantis would be an unique boss that has a lot of health and would require a lot of punishment to fall.

Coral Snake: The coral snake is unique in the fact that in can't be killed and will kill you in one hit. will probably be guarding a lab, and the player will have to sneak around it if they want to get inside, The coral snake would act similarly to the Reaper Leviathan (Subnautica) and the best course of action would be to move as silently as possible, small gaps would provide as breathers for the player.

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