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New Creature/Entity Ideas

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I'll cut to the chase. I think a aggresive centipede would be awesome. A lawnmower in grass areas would be epic. A neutral stick bug would be sweet. Lastly an aggressive garden snake would be fantastic.

Centipede - Typically drier, flat, areas or underground. Hide could be used for better base upgrades like reinforced walls. The legs could be used for scimitars. 

Stick Bug - Wandering around a lot of places, but mostly the giant tree. Legs can be used to make the rod of a fishing pole to catch tadpoles, etc. 

Lawnmower - Leaves a trail of grass planks and either grass or dead grass chunks. The chunks depends on the area being mowed.

Garden Snake - In thick grass or weeded areas. Can also be found exploring the berry bushes. Fangs could be used as upgraded spear ends or reinforced spike traps. Shedded skin could be used as a pitfall cover.

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