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New BOSSES/Boats & LandWagons

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Some sort of random bug bosses or even robots that might appear on certain occasions throughout the exploration of the backyard would be ideal. Might even drop (legendary) gear that can only be discovered/crafted by a true Grounder that can take down the foul beasts! Cause their bosses....obviously. So it’d be a struggle well worth it in the end. That way it’s more unique having items or whatnot that  others may have yet to discover or simply can’t slay the dragons “bug bosses”. Might take a few times but that’s what makes it so much fun & creates longevity in my opinion. Maybe gathered items around the yard that might craft special weapons for these types of encounters. Maybe even have them respond occasionally with other secret items yet to be retrieved in a kill. Maybe even on holidays have certain items only to be found on those certain days each year they come around. That’d be dope. Also, some kind of wagon built from the weed wood or whatever to help gather much more resources as well as maybe a boat that could be crafted in case we need to haul across the waters. In my opinion, would make it so much more exciting to play. Just a thought to ponder but should definitely be consider. Why not? Sounds exciting don’t it!!!! Haha 👏

-GroundedSinceDay1 KiIIer Kujo 

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