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Hey guys!

First of all I would like to tell you how much I love your game! What you're producing is amazing!

It's super addictive and captivating and after 20 hours of gameplay since last week, I can't wait to get of work so I can play more.


  1. Lack of enemies - I feel like there could be A LOT more insects on the lawn. I run around exploring and don't see that many to be honest. I feel like I want to be swarmed, overwhelmd and run over if I run into a hoard or group of dangerous creatures.
    Maybe you're just targeting the more softcore audience, which is totally fine, but I myself truly enjoy the feeling of being beaten to death if I'm not careful and/or have the equipment for the task at hand.
  2. More heavy hitters - I would very much like if the dangerous insects in the game could be more dangerous. Maybe add "events" where enemies goes on a rampage or charges at you in swarms?
    I feel like you could borrow ideas from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In BoTW it's VERY obvious if the enemies in the zone I'm exploring, is way above my gear level.
  3. More content - You guys have done an amazing job at putting out content so far, please keep this up. I want to have a map the size of the map in GTA 5 or Far Cry 5 to explore. Go above and beyond! Maybe let us explore secret tunnels, a cave or a shed.

That's my two cents 😃

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I think point 1 (I also feel the low density of insects) and 2 (other than the wolf spider the game lacks some challenge) are fine, but having a map big as GTA 5 or Far Cry 5? That won't ever happen and I actually hope it wont. The amount of details and the diversity of the biomes makes them perfect imo, they wouldn't be able to maintain the level of details because, unlike GTA 5 and Far Cry 5's teams, the team behind Grounded is very small, also: just stretching the map and making the biomes bigger would make the diversity fall off, it would all feel the same and maintaining this level of biome diversity on map as big as GTA 5 would be impossible for bigger teams too, it is a lot of work. I'm sure they are planning on adding new biomes and making the map bigger, but I also hope they'll keep all the biomes unique to explore and/or playing and with the right size (too small wouldn't make the exploration interesting and too big makes everything feel the same)

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