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Peril On Gorgon, can't enter the Office Of Creative Incubation!

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The main quest needs me to enter the Office Creative Incubation, but though I have the eyeball to get in there's no ocular verifier attached to the door so I can't enter!  

I've looked at Youtube videos and they have the device just to the left of the door...I don't.  In fact, the surrounding area is different on their video compared to what I see - to the right I have apartments and on the video the're not there!   See attached photos as an example...it's really weird.  Any ideas?  I'm playing on PC.. Thanks.

My Gorgon no ocular verifier.jpg

my gorgon.jpg

Youtuber gorgon with ocular verifier.jpg

youtuber gorgon.jpg

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Thanks for the replies from both of you.  I hadn't considered there could be any other entrance to the building - I don't see where that could be though.  Tomorrow I'll revisit this and try to confirm with another screenshot of exactly what the Youtube guy is seeing around the side...the grabs I chose weren't at a good angle to demonstrate the building is the same.  

It's such an odd thing that I'm half believing I've done something wrong myself...it's not reported by anyone else!

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