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PTS build 0.4 - Game Saves - Xbox One S

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The PTS-build for me on Xbox One S is not saving game progress. Once the Mysterious Machine has been activated and I head to the la under the Oak tree the doors are open as they should be.

However, once I log out of the game and log back in, the game save records where in the world I was but NOT the fact that the Mysterious Machine was activated, no inventory contents, none of any items that I build such as the Lean To are present AND the doors to the Science Lab under the Oak Tree.

I need to travel all the way back to the machine and re-trigger it to open the Science Lab doors and travel back.

This happens each and EVERY log out.

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6 hours ago, sifutao72 said:

@McSquirl Nugget are you on the PTS 4.0 build? If so, you are saying it fixes the Xbox save issues? Any idea when the rest of us not on PTS will get update 4.0?

Yes, i'm on the PTS 4.0 build, that's what this forum is for after all.


Xbox One X

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