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I think an incendiary bomb would just be an awesome new weapon to add in Grounded. It would be a Molotov c*cktail- type concoction made from 1x grub goop, 1x dry grass chunk, 1x fungal growth, and 1x boiling gland. It would, well, set things on fire once it's been thrown (it would set things on fire as soon as it hits something, so you couldn't pick it back up like a bratburst.) Not only would it burn bugs, it would also burn down webs and harvestable plants. It would also make the ground it touched ashen, which would mean plants couldn't grow there for a couple of days.  (which could be useful for building.) 

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The bombardier beetle should drop two different glands, that only ignite when you mix the contents together. It wouldn't be true fire, more like boiling liquid. That said, given our size it would be incredibly lethal. I wanna make a bombardier "flame" thrower, but the literal splash damage would probably boil me along with whatever bugs I'm spraying.

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