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Was testing ever done on this companion quest?

I'm in Act 3 & have gotten Galawain-Magran-trio's help in Council of Stars main quest. I've camped outdoors & slept in Stronghold many dozens of times.

But Durance's companion quest is still stuck at ID 10003: Durance revealed to me that he was one of the engineers of the Godhammer bomb. There must be more to this that he isn't telling me - at least not yet. I've only seen the first vision/dream in this quest.

Is this quest still bugged & broken after patch version 3.07? Can any console command or mod force this quest to advance?

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hmm not sure i never had an issue with this quest. i remember walking with durance toward the end game area and he just talked stop and talk with me for his last bit of dialogue. not sure that is where you are though in the quest line

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