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Major lag time when building - xbox one

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I have a large base and have noticed it takes about 30 seconds to complete each new object I build. It almost appears the game freezes and then it completes after about 30 seconds. This has been ongoing for awhile so wanted to report it. Seems to be tied to how many other objects I have already built. It does not do this for the zip line posts for some reason but everything else is slow to build. Once I hold x and it starts to build, the game freezes for 30 seconds and then completes the build.

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The latest update has my game lagging really bad where I see water drops dancing and not being able to pick up items or attacking doesnt show but later does or I die but 10 seconds later but Im on PC.

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my guess is the "large base" is causing issues like it did with saves loading a few patches back.  My base is maybe mid sized?  3 stories 4 x 5 floor planks or so with a balcony piece another 3 floor planks out.  I had no lag adding a storage room to my base, or building onto a smaller outpost base near the poison gas area.


Xbox One X

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