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Sleeping is an in-game time skip, which makes it an excellent opportunity to refresh things in the world. Dandelion and Grass stumps can regrow, arthropods can be reset, loose spoiled meat can despawn, etc. This would be a nice band-aid for arthropods getting stuck in world geometry, as well as aid multiplayer games where one player spends most of their time near the base crafting and organizing inventory.

Another thing that can happen is to have there be more dewdrops in the morning. The player is always hungry and thirsty after sleeping, so making dew more accessible would be greatly appreciated, especially in multiplayer where the juice box you built your base next to doesn't give enough drops for everyone to get a drink.

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I like where you're going,  grass and dandelions already respawn over night, or a couple nights, whatever it is,  and changing bug locations as they move about during night would be cool


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