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How About a  Base Blueprints Gallery

The Ability to scan your base ... and upload it to The Player Base Gallery
Then other players could browse the Gallery ... download blueprints for your creations .... and build them on their own

Many people have posted that they are not creative base builders ... 
I've had people invite me to their games, just so that I can build them a base ... 
obviously I can't do that for 50 or more different people .. no matter how much they liked my buildings ... 

BUT, if they could download my blueprints .... 
and it just told them to add this much clay, pebblet, stem, grass, rope, sprigs, clover ... and whatever it needed ... 
and they could build it themselves .... 

LOTS of players would LOVE that

and there are TONS of creative players out there building all sorts of interesting things

a Blueprints Gallery would bring a new level of interactivity to the community,
allowing us to share our works with each other DIRECTLY and not just through pictures in the forums and on Reddit ... 

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22 hours ago, Andi said:

This could generate some problems with the blueprints you actually buy from BURGL


How?  They could just add a gallery in his menu.  

I'd rather not see this for the main base, i prefer building my own designs.  But maybe they could have some smaller outpost type models in a Burg.l gallery you could buy.  toss up a quick small outpost base in the farming spots, like the hedge, or near the oak tree. 


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