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I am playing on Xbox and noticed after the 3.0 update, older game saves (prior to 9/30) are getting reloaded even if they have been deleted.  While in game, I can delete the older saves without issue.  However, if I start a new game session the older saves reappear.  It seems that the older saves are not being deleted in the cloud so they are reloaded in a new game session.

This also seems to be affecting the auto-saves.  While in game, I can see the auto-saves being created normally.  After starting a new session and the older saves are reloaded, the newer auto-save files lose the "auto-save" label and appear as a normal game save.  I think it is because the older saves also contain auto-save files so when they are reloaded, they are being counted towards the auto-save limit I set and the newer ones get relabeled.


I love this game and really enjoy the latest content update!  Thanks for all your hard work!!


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