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lawn mites stuck under dirt

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This is the small cave area where the cable for the mystery machine  is being gnawed on  by lawn mites. At the spot just ahead of me in this screenshot, two mites get stuck under the dirt where you can not see them or target them.  They can hit you , and you can hit them if you time your hits right to get them when they jump, but they can not get out of the dirt pile on the ground.  I could loot the ones I killed while they were jumping , but the bodies were not visible.


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I grabbed a few clips of stuck creature as well.

Stink bug stuck on oak branch, tried to lead it off towards me:

Stink bug underground, antenna pokes out at 0:20:

Lawn mites stuck on nothing that I can see:

Wolf spider gets stuck on nothing, eventually pounces out of it:

  • https://1drv.ms/v/s!Aj1lZvf1jJXtrYZirfuxU1FVRgfJpw?e=01sOAv
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