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Power and workstations

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I had some ideas for some power generation and powered traps and weapons that could be fun to use and build...

SOLAR BANK: This will be one of the renewable power generation methods. Crafted from bug rubber (insulators), smooth quartzite (quartzite + pebblet, the panel), ant parts (sturdy mechanical fastenings) and clay (foundation), they produce power during the daytime.

WINDMILL: The windmill is a renewable energy producer that does better in higher or more open areas but not well in other areas. Crafted from bee wings (since we are getting bees), ant parts (mechanical fastenings) stinkbug parts (the tall vane section) and bug rubber (insulation)

STATIC TURBINE: Harnesses power from static electricity generated by bodies rubbing against it. You can attract fuzzy creatures like gnats and mites to generate power by rubbing their bodies against it, or walk against the generator yourself to make energy. Crafted with mite fuzz, gnat fuzz (the static parts that absorb static), smooth quartzite (enclosure), bug rubber (insulation) and nectar (food to attract gnats and mites to rub on it)

STEM BURNER: A build that burns stems into weed coal. Crafted with pebblets, dry grass, clay and quartzite. Deposit stems inside, it spits out 10 weed coal per stem burned. Keeps bees and gnats away too.

COAL BURNER: Burns weed coal to produce power. If placed next to a stem burner, the coal will be deposited automatically. Crafted with smooth quartzite, clay, boiling glands (catalyst to produce higher heat) and gas glands (waste capture)


Now some uses...

GRUBATTERY: Stores energy. Crafted with grub hide (housing), bug rubber (insulation), grub goo (glue to hold parts), and acid glands (battery acid).

BUG LIGHT: A powered light like a smaller one found by the oak tree. Attracts gnats and later the mosquito. Crafted with spider thread (ties the light together), smooth quartzite (glass panes), ant mandibles (the frame) and stinkbug parts (the tower)

ZAPPER LIGHT: Same as the bug light but zaps the bugs that touch it. Crafted with ant mandibles, spider thread, smooth quartzite, stinkbug parts, and larva spikes (carries a charge)

ANTROID: A wired robotic ant trap that attacks other bugs that come near, or captures tiny bugs by trapping with mandibles. Selectable operating mode Capture, Attack, Auto (kills larger bugs, traps small ones). Requires ant parts, ant head, ant mandibles, wire fragment (obtained by hacking the open wire sections at the lasers or outlets), bug rubber.

VENOM TRAP: An automated bear trap esque device made of spider fangs. Stuns and poisons any bug that steps on it and auto resets. Crafted with spider fangs, spider parts, spider silk, bug rubber, ant parts.

ATTRACTOR: Attracts whatever larger bug you wish to by burning an item inside to produce a smell. Eg Bees: nectar. Wolf spiders: Poison glands. Stinkbugs: Dry grass. Bombardiers: mite fuzz. Etc etc. Uses energy to produce necessary heat to burn the item. Crafted with quartzite, bug rubber, pebblets, clay and clover leaves.

LADYBUG OVEN: Same as the cooking spit but can make 6 items at once instead of 3 and is closed so ants can't smell it. Crafted with smooth quartzite, wire fragments, boiling glands, ladybug parts.

ICEBOX: A freezer to prevent raw meat from spoiling whilst powered. Crafted with smooth quartzite, wire fragments, berry leather, bug rubber.

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