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I think a camouflage cloak would be extremely useful for players that want to be more stealthy (and also for dealing with larger creatures.) It's crafting would be pretty expensive to make. It would probably be crafted from: 3x crude rope; and 3x moss chunks, 2x leaf pieces, and 2x dry leaf bits (Armor bonus- camouflage. If you stop moving and crouch for a couple seconds, something on your SCA.B hud will pop up showing that you're camouflaged. You can then move around- still crouching- and you will not be seen by bugs; until you attack or stand up.) The moss clumps, leaf pieces, and dry leaf bits would be new resources that you could find around the backyard. I will talk about each of them individually down below.

Moss chunks- In real life, you are able to find moss in an abundance of places. In the game, however, the places it could spawn would most likely be limited so that it's more of a rare resource. It would probably spawn near bodies of water (maybe you could find the clumps in a new swamp biome :).) I also think that the moss could dry out (similar to real life) every once in a while. It would become harvestable again rather quickly, but it would add to the rarity of moss (maybe it would be damp in the morning, meaning you have to travel at the break of dawn in order to reach it in time. I think moss could be used as a rug, or maybe a tennis ball (sidenote: I think tennis would be fun game to play in Grounded.)

Leaf pieces- Leaf pieces would be a fun new resource to the game. I would imagine they would fall from the tree, and if you didn't harvest them fast enough, they would become dry leaves. I think they would only drop from the tree every once in a while (maybe only during a new weather event- windy.) I don't really know what they could be used for other then the camouflage cloak, (maybe as a new roof?) so I would love some feedback on that. (Another sidenote- the leaf pieces could be used for taming aphids and weevils.)

Dry leaf bits- Dry leaf bits would come from, well, a dry leaf. They would most likely be broken by a hammer tool (either tier two or tier three.) I also don't know the full use of this resource (maybe you could use both the leaf and the dry leaf pieces to make multi-colored roof shingles.) 

To harvest the moss chunks and leaf pieces, you would need clippers. These things would be made from something like: 1x ant mandible, 2x sprigs, 1x sap, and 1x bug rubber (or something similar, let me know what you guys think of the recipe.) 

Anyways, that's all the ideas I have for these new resources and their recipes. This is definitely one of my more empty ideas, so I would love some comments about things like recipes and all that!

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There is already Moss in the game, you just can't harvest it ... the tufts of green on rocks and branches ... mostly near The Hedge and near The Pond.
There are already some pretty LARGE areas of moss around the corner of the Flooded Zone nearest to Secret Lab.
I've been wanting to be able to harvest them for a LONG TIME .....

I'd love to see things like a Moss Roof .... and a Moss Rug

I do like the Ghillie Suit idea ..... but I think Dry Leaf would just make too much noise
probably be good with Moss, Berry Leather, and Woven Fiber
give a base reduction to being spotted at all times when wearing pieces ... 
with Full Stealth only available in the Full Suit Armor Bonus ... 

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for Reasons ....
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