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Hi there-

I’ve been loving the new DLC, and with the new content and new perks I thought I’d start a fresh play through focusing on science weapons. I use an Xbox One.

My new character is using the Prismatic Hammer, and when he hit level 19 and unlocked 150 Science, the unlock doesn’t seem to affect the hammer’s stats.

After leveling up to 150 Science:

1)I made sure I had turned off “show base item stats” in the settings menu.

2) I inspected my Prismatic Hammer. Crit Chance was 40%, same as base. Crit damage was 155%, probably because of the Weird Science perk.

3) I reloaded to before the level up, when my 2-handed weapons skill was 20 and my science was 140, made sure to turn off “show base item stats”, and inspected the hammer. Crit Chance was about 60% and damage still 155%.

Is the 150 science unlock working as intended? Is it working but simply not displaying properly in the inspect screen?  Does it work in some nuanced way that I didn’t understand correctly?

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Came here to report this as well, but for the PS4.

Seems as though Crit Chance and Sway have not been set for the Science skill, so when you get the 150 your weapons stats will always go down. For Special Delivery I had >100% Crit Chance, which reset to 40% on getting Science 150.

Please fix Obsidian, please and thank you.

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