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How to access my save file that no longer has the Peril of Gorgon DLC?

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Ok, so, bit of a long story....

On it's release day, I bought the Peril of Gorgon DLC. However, all my save files were after the point of no return - the final stages of the final mission.

Therefore, I was unable to leave Tartaurus and start the DLC. I ended up having to get a refund for the DLC through the xbox website, which was accepted within an hour.

I knew that the only way for me to get to play the DLC would be to start the game again and get to the start point for it.

I left it a couple of days and then started a new game.

Although I had been refunded for the game, I guess the game still thought I had the game, or that the DLC wasn't actually uninstalled yet, as it said on the main menu "Peril of Gorgon installed ✔" and in game, in the quest screen, there was a Peril of Gorgon tab.

Peril of Gorgon must've been available for me and not been removed yet, I guess.


I started the new game and played for a few hours.

The next day, I went to return to the game only to find that I was unable to load any save file, as it says "Peril of Gorgon missing". 

I am stuck.

Although, it also says "Current version - Save version -" which should be ok for me to continue, I'd think.

I then bought the DLC again, hoping it would fix the issue - it did not. 

I then got a refund for the DLC again.

Would I now have to restart the game yet again!?

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