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Science Skill Question (new DLC feature)

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I have started a new playthrough with the new DLC. When I review my character's Science skill I am getting what looks like a bug in the skill screen.

My character is currently level 10 with a Science skill of 80. The skill description lists:

+24.2% Plasma 

+24.2% Corrosive

+40.4% Science weapon

+10%  _INVALID_

My question is what is the +10% _INVALID_

Is this what others are experiencing? Is it a game bug? Or is my game bugged?



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I am using the Epic games version for PC. I purchased and downloaded the Season Pass only a few days ago so I assume the game is current. Verifying the game had no effect. I am reluctant to reinstall for this error alone. It doesn't seem like it is game breaking and since I don't know what that line should be I have no way of knowing if it is merely  a broken readout on that screen or if there is some significant game functionality I am missing.

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