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The Jump button should let the player rise when under water. I'm aware that there's a key binding to change the "Rise Under Water" to whatever you need it to be, but if you want it to be the same as your jump button, you can't (at last I don't think so). So you're stuck with one option or the other. I'd request that the controls for swimming underwater be independent from those when on land. 

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7 hours ago, Sylvia Rose said:

I was pretty sure I mapped swimming up to the jump key in the options... I'd have to double check that though. But I recall being able to swim on the surface in this jerky motion, constantly diving and resurfacing. One of the reasons I avoid exploring in the water.

Yep you can map the key/button in the options.  I have (on xbox) X set to swim up and A to swim down.  Swimming needs some work :)


Xbox One X

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