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I know Obsidian has a lot on their plate with this game. And the issue of performance would be in question. But being able to play with only four people seems a bit small. I think up to eight would be ideal. PvP would be a fun addition to the game I think. But in all honesty keep doing what your doing Obsidian. Having a blast with the game and I eagerly await more content in the future.

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10 hours ago, Sylvia Rose said:

You actually play multiplayer? I must be the weird one for only wanting to play solo.

mostly I play Solo, but multiplayer is a LOT of silly fun ... 
also ... I'm building a village .. and 4 people is a dinnerparty ... not a village ... 

but 8 players opens a world of possibilities ....
PvP (for the people who haven't figured out you can already do it)
all sorts of Team fun ... 90% of which will be player created ... no matter what Obsidian does .... LOL

I've already seen people streaming Timed Live Building Challenges with just 2 players ... which is a lot more entertaining when they're NOT in Creative
You could have BURG.L quests for Group hunting challenges, competitive hunting challenges, races.. (reach the mark in a certain timeframe - or beat another players time)

a lot of that you could do with only 4 people ...but 8 greatly expands your options
any more than 8 feels crowded with the size of yard we have ... 

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