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Dandelion Respawn and Ant Egg Issue

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This has been annoying me lately, I have yet to see a dandelion respawn anywhere on the map. 

It is a bit of an issue having to run across the entire map dodging spiders, bombardier Beatles and stink bugs, all just so that I can add 6 weed stems to a stem pallet and have them all disappear into a few walls and roof pieces in no time. 

I am playing on console and I'm not entirely sure if this is just an issue with my game, consoles in general or if it is an actual issue everyone faces. 

Now, onto the ant egg issue. I have noticed that ant eggs have spawned on my game, but I honestly can't do anything with/to them. I can't pick them up and I can't break or destroy them. 

Is this an issue for everyone or, once again, just my game or just the console version in general? 

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I play on console, hosting a multiplayer game on medium difficulty . I didnt pay attention before the update, but after the update both weed and dandelions have been respawning every 2-3 game days

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1 hour ago, DeeKay86 said:

Dandelion do not respawn (Xbox One X - GamePass - Multiplayer). They DID respawn for like 2-3 after this update came out, then stopped.

I have dandelions respawn working on my Xbox. Try uninstalling and reinstall game. Your progress should be saved on cloud. I bet that helps.

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I was having issues with plants respawning.  I found if I actually took out the whole plant there was no problem.  As in cut the grass for its Grass planks and cut the stump for the plant fibre, same with the Dandelions and Hulky Weeds.

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