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What does every yard have that we're missing?  :)


This just popped into my head while reading another post, so it's not a complete thought yet. 

We could have multiple sizes.  making them harder and harder to kill as you encounter the larger ones.  if you choose to kill them.  Hoppers are herbivores so they wouldn't hunt us, but they'd attack to protect their food.  Which could even be your roof or plank walls.

3 sizes - small ones that would be able to be solo'd.  Medium that would be a challenge to solo,  and then large ones for multiplayer that would need 4 people to take it down.

Drops could be the legs,  they're spiked so they'd make a cool club.  Medium and large you could take the wings for gliding.  and use the rest for other crafting options.


Wing Suit

Everyone wants gliding options,  or so it seems.

So why not a wing suit?

Ladybugs fly, why not harvest their wings and craft a suit of sorts we can glide with? Break down the woven fibers into cloth, use the tip of spider fang as a needle and set up a wing suit.  

Landing could be fun,  or deadly :)  and we could then have small breezes that could shift your direction, throw you off course, or make you tumble to the ground.

Want a quick way to your base, or the tree, or wherever from the picnic table?  use the wing suit. 

You'd need 2 sets of ladybug wings,  make them a rare drop like the head.  1 wing attached to each arm and 1 to each leg.

For those not sure what a wing suit is -


the parachute could be the dandelion seed we have already to float safely to the ground.

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