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Playing on Xbox hosting a Multiplayer game

When using the bow, upon drawing to aim, there seems to be no way to cancel the draw. The arrow MUST be fired. This can cause an unwanted amount of waste, especially if using a one-time use special arrow.  There needs to be a ‘cancel aim’ button. 

while having an item equipped that makes use of the LT button (bow, canteen) & carrying grass/stems simultaneously, attempting to drop the cargo also forces you to use said equipped items (change which arrow your using or drink from your canteen. 

When walking  through a created door in third person view, the camera becomes fubar. It goes to the back of your head to see you view your face from the inside. 

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Auto saves cause the game to freeze/skip briefly.
while climbing or walking a narrow branch or jumping and the auto save happens u can fail miserably.  Also everytime it saves i get this sense of dread like an event just started or a boss loaded (ptsd from other games?)  very nerve racking. 

I tried turning auto saves off but my game crashed and I couldn’t get back into it until I turned them back on. 

tldr; please make auto-saves seamless 

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