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Cold Blooded Burg.L Chip Location Change

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I would like to suggest that the location of the Cold Blooded Burg.L chip be changed. The riddle given in the Cold Blooded Chipsleuth quest mentions that not only is it being observed by reptilian eyes (the Rash action figure) but that it is also immersed in sticky red liquid. The action figure is not only not really pointed towards the paint can where you find the chip, but it is also quite far away from it. As for the final location the riddle makes it seem as though it is actually sitting inside the paint can or inside of some other red liquid (like a juice box or soda can) whenever in reality it is just plopped onto the ground next to the paint can. A simple fix for this would be to just place spilled paint around the paint can where the chip is found. Maybe even trap the chip inside some dried paint similar to the large sap chunks that you can break with a hammer.

Anyways long post I know I was just a little disappointed whenever I finally tracked down this chip. 

TLDR: Put the Cold Blooded Burg.L chip in some paint around the paint can to match the quest riddle.

Edit: Not sure how to delete this but it turns out that there is supposed to be paint around the paint can that the chip is actually sitting in. This did not appear for me and the chip was just in the dirt. I need to delete this post and just submit a bug report of the paint not properly appearing. 

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Also, if the basic premise is correct, then there is an even bigger problem with the clue Burg.L gives: 

When I saw this quest clue, my first thought was that it was telling me to start from Rash, because he's a toad, and toads are... then I realized toads are amphibians, not reptiles...

The next thing I did was check online to see if it indeed was related to Rash, just to make sure I wouldn't waste my time im a wild toad chase. So, if the clue does relate to Rash, devs, please give Mr Burg.L a basic zoology upload?  

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