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The Battle of Yenwood: archers?

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I know I can win the battle so that's not the issue.  But rather I want to gain all the possible forces to aid me just to experience that in the story play of the game.  From the link above I discovered that I could recruit Ogres, Knights of Crucible (or other faction), and Archers.  The Ogres can kill the enemy Mages, The Knights can kill enemy Berserkers, and Archers are to kill enemy Bleak Walkers.

I have found how to receive aid of two of the factions: Ogres and Knights.

How should I recruit the archers?  I thought at first resolving the quest for the Readcaran throne would do it but I killed the ruler there (Raederic) and had a conversation with his usurper named Kolsc.  Not sure where to attain the help of the archers?? 

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You got mixed up some stuff. Raedric is the lord of Gilded Vale and surroundings and has nothing to do with Readceras. Readceras was the nation the Dyrwood was at war with during the Saints War (the war Edér fought in - where Eothas marched as Waidwen against the Dyrwood, leading the Readceran army). 

In order to get the support of the Readceran Pathfinders you must resolve the Iron Flail quest in the White March II expansion in a certain peaceful way.

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Oh interesting I always made that wrong connection thinking that Raedric was an ally of Waidwen during the war.  I only play on a medium difficulty (forget the name of the one I play on) so by the time I clear White March I and begin White March II there would be no need for the archers anyhow as the fight gets easier as you get access to more abilities.

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