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Hey everyone,

  So I just had a weird possible bug happen in the game. I have a base on the root to the west of the light next to the south side of the oak tree. And I noticed a wolf spider had got "stuck" under the root on the eats side of the light (right next to the south entrance into the oak tree). So I proceeded to kill it and was able to down it with only arrows and not leaving my base. It was night time when I finally fell the beast, so I decided to sleep so I could grab the parts in the morning. Once my character woke I climbed up to the light, and floated to the root it was under. Now up until I floated down I could see the corpse was still there. However once I jumped down almost exactly where it should've been it was gone. My arrows were still there, but the body had disappeared.


  Anyone else have something like this happen? I wasn't sure if it glitched through the ground, or got taken by some other bug, or just despawned a little too quickly. I wasn't sure if anyone knows if the despawn timer is quicker for corpses that it is items. Or if there is something else at play here. Just a little bummed because I only need one more spider chunk and spider fang and this might have been my chance.


Thanks everyone.


EDIT: Wanted to add that I'm playing on the Xbox version of the game with the latest update.

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this seems to be part of the clean up patch.  Bodies don't just sit there, then 'explode into parts' making more mess on the game to handle (each object has physics, which means more CPU used to render/control it, and causes performance problems when there are too many in the world)

I just watched an ant body vanish, no parts left behind, as I wander back and forth to get eggs.     I'd say this is working as intended, and for 'rare loot' in the future, drop and/or trash items you can geat easily back.  (sap, fiber, dry grass, peblet tools/weapons, torches, even basic arrows)

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