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Log pallet crashes on recycle/destruction | Xbox One S

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I’m having a problem recycling and destroying log pallets while playing on Xbox One. Every time I’m about to finish recycling a log pallet or destroying It with a hammer, my game crashes. This has happened to me every time I have tried to do either of these things, to the point where I’m not going to try destroying this log pallet again. Contemplating just starting a new save altogether with this in mind. 
I saw this a couple of times on the forums but not on the known bug list so I’m putting it here. I hope this is an easy fix 🙏🏻

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Hi @Lord Birthday, this in on the Known Issues List and the devs are looking into it.


Known Issue: Attempting to recycle certain items in the game will cause the game to crash, such as grass plank pallets, weed stem pallets, and dew collectors are some of the reported items.  
Workaround: It has been reported that destroying these items with a weapon will allow you to get rid of them without crashing. This issue is still being investigated.  


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